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Kaurna Cronin (AUS)Laupäeval, 6.04 kl.19

Kaurna Cronin
Auhinnatud Austraalia muusik KAURNA CRONIN tuleb koos bändiga Kuressaarde!
Teevad nad indie-folk muusikat.
Multi-award winning folkster kaurna cronin is heralded as one of australia’s most entertaining young performers, an internationally acclaimed songwriter and an emotive and honest storyteller. Renowned for his relentless touring schedule and his ability to capture audiences for a thrilling musical and poetical journey.

 “East Side” – NEW! – https://youtu.be/uA5bPehR74Y
“Inside Your Town Is Inside Your Head” –  https://youtu.be/kXBvwNK8Acs
“Passion Parade” – https://youtu.be/cT7WQyErh4s

Website/Bio – http://www.kaurnacronin.com/bio/

Reserveeri laud/Book a table: ph. : tel. +372 45 33 776 või veski@saaremaaveski.ee
Sündmuse tasu ️10€ / The ticket to the evening 10€